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Sound Advice for Campers

Campers have a lot of responsibility. When taking your family or a group of kids on a weekend adventure, proper safety planning is key. One additional item to remember to throw into the back pack is a Signal Horn.

A Signal Horn is a great way to signal emergencies, signal activities and events with your group. By pre planning your activities, you can inform all members of simple daily events including:

  • Emergency (1 short, 1 long, 1 short blast)
  • Breakfast (one blast of horn)
  • Lunch (2 blasts of horn)
  • Dinner (3 blasts)

This is a simple usage to keep the group alert and ready to regrouping during the course of your camping trip.

In addition, many park rangers and guides have commented on using a Signal Horn to “spook” unwanted wolfs, coyotes, and other aggressive animals while camping or hiking.